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Discover Problem Solution Essay Topics Chart

Problem solution essays usually highlight problems, explain it, and finally offer possible solutions to alleviate the problems. When choosing a problem solution essay topic, one needs to identify a problem that one wants to address. This problem needs to be of interest to the nation or the world at large and at the same time unique. It is always advisable not to go for problem solution essay topics that are popular such as kidnapping and violation of human rights, it is better to write a problem solution essay topics list that addresses problems that are rarely talked about, yet their effects are widely seen.So, if you need some topic examples, here are some:

  • Illegal Immigration
  • Peer Pressure
  • Acid Rain
  • Sex-education In Schools
  • Overpopulation
  • Loneliness
  • Internet Spam
  • Health Care Issues, etc.
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There are also many other topics that deserve your attention and attention of your potential audience. If you want to surprise your tutor and listeners, you'd better choose something really original or never spoken about issue, perhaps something fresh or topical nowadays. That doesn�t mean however that you cannot discuss the perpetuated topics like global warming or sex education, just find some fresh and new solutions to embody in your essay. Problems of the elderly, family, homeless or hungry and mentally ill are also worth speaking about, however, be careful while providing possible way outs and solutions to the problem as they must be original and not re stated old ones presented before. Mind that your tutor have heart thousands of them on one and the same topic and is expecting some fresh ideas from you, indeed.

Solution Essay Topic Example

The problem solution essay topic should address a defined region or country, an example of a problem solution essay topic is deforestation of Rain Forest in Hawaii. Since the problem addresses a specific region, one is able to monitor the effects and even give specific solutions that are applicable to that region. Once one has chosen the problem solution essay topic to address, one needs to list down problem and solution essay subtopics related to the topic in question. A writer can do this by outlining the main aspects and causes of the problem in question, this can also be done by researching on the topic in question from journal articles and referencing them to make the work more credible. Some of the examples of problem solution essay topics include causes, effects and prevention of Malaria prevalence in Kenya and Causes, effects and ways of minimizing global warming. If the essay only addresses the causes or effects, it is no longer a classified as a problem solution essay topic but an informative essay topic.

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