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Among the variety of various essay topics that are used in academia and regularly assigned by the professors to their students, there is a controversial category of topics. In fact, it is perhaps the most interesting and rather captivating essay topics you will encounter during the whole studies course. Controversial essay topics describes those debatable issues that happen to be traditionally controversial in nature. In simple words, any essay topic where strong debates may be held for hours thereby creating controversies mostly are thought to be highly controversial essay topic.

  • Should George Bush be tried for war crimes?
  • Can gay couples be allowed to get married in all states?
  • Age matters in relationships?
  • Should parents let teens make their own decisions?
  • Smoking must be banned
  • Alcoholic drinking age: should it be increased or decreased?
  • Governmental healthcare
  • Violent video games: pros and cons
    • All these topics and even more are always available on the websites of the professional and respectful essay writing agencies. They are always at hand and are ready to help even the complete dummies in terms of essay topic writing. They are lucky to have the lists of the best essays online. While looking on the I-net well, it is possible to find lots of nicely organized tutorials and academic resources where yoy may find many intere4sting topics, writing solutions and other.

      Controversial College Essay Topics

      In many colleges most lecturers like to give controversial essay topics for college students. The lecturers usually have the intention of obtaining different views of different students and get their opinions concerning certain controversial issues. The lecturers can also give controversial persuasive essay topics to the students for them persuade the lecturer with their opinion on certain controversial issues. Lecturers in another aspect can tests his or her students by giving them controversial argumentative essay topics to write on. This serves to measure the students’ argumentative skills and their reasoning on the controversial issue at hand. In this area most students find it difficult to express themselves and effectively present their thoughts and argument statements. In this kind of controversial essay topics it requires the writer or student to carefully set his or her argumentative points and present them accordingly without diverting from the topic. This makes controversial essay topics to be quite tricky to write on because most students are not confident enough to air their views on the controversial issue. For this reason the students end up turning to writing service companies for help.

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